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Albany February 2011

Kalgan River
Pre-trip paddle on Kalgan River - photo Royd Bussell

Launch site 1
Ready to launch at Cheyne's Beach - photo Sue Harrington

Pel Turner and Bob Bright on a wave crest - photo Martin Burgoyne

Adrian Gawned off Mermaid point - photo Martin Burgoyne

Wolfgang approaching Mermaid Point - photo Martin Burgoyne

Waychinicup Camp
Waychinicup campsite at dinner time - photo Sue Harrington
Dave at Kalgan River
Dave Oakley on the Kalgan - photo Royd Bussell

First swells
Into the Southern Ocean - photo Bob Bright

Launch site 1
MartinBurgoyne looks over to Mt Manypeaks - photo Royd Bussell

Pel Turner takes a break at Mermaid Point - photo Sue Harrington

Sue paddling into Waychinicup Inlet - photo Russ Hobbs

Marauding possum at Royd's tent - photo Royd Bussell
Waychinicup panorama
Waychinicup Inlet panorama - photo Russ Hobbs

Waychinicup morning
Waychinicup Inlet launch day 2 - Martin, Royd, Dave, Kevin and Bob - photo Sue Harrington
Rod at Manypeaks
Rod Coogan off Mt Manypeaks - photo Martin Burgoyne

Kevin at Manypeaks
Kevin Johnson off Mt Manypeaks - photo Bob Bright

Frenchman Bay
Favourable winds in King George Sound - photo Sue Harrington

Point Possession
Royd Bussell rounding Point Possession - photo Sue Harrington

Launch at Misery Beach
Day 4 launch at Misery Beach - photo Russ Hobbs
Dave at Manypeaks
Dave Oakley off Mt Manypeaks - photo Bob Bright

Betty's nap
After a hard morning's paddling - photo Sue Harrington

Wolfgang Wetzig in King George Sound - photo Bob Bright

Cheynes II
The wreck of Cheynes II - photo Sue Harrington

Martin at Misery Beach
Martin launching at Misery Beach - photo Russ Hobbs


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