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Rottnest Weekend, November 2011

Unless otherwise indicated, all the photographs below were taken by John Radovich.

Dave Oakley, Judy Blight, Rob MacCracken, Kevin Johnson and Ben Toohey prepare to launch at South Beach.

Evidence and proof that Les was attracting sharks caused by his ham and bean diet. On close approach, the sharks were repelled by the odour of these magic beans.

Sandy and Les
Sandy Robson and Les Allen.

Rob and Ben
Rob MacCracken and Ben Toohey at Thompson Bay.

Ian Hollick
Ian Hollick at  Thompsons Bay.

Jacki Hollick
Jacki Hollick.

Rob MacCracken
Rob MacCracken.

Judy Blight.

Rottnest north side
Lunch break on a northwestern beach at Rottnest.

Helen, Kevin and Rado
Helen Cooksey, Kevin Johnson and John Rado.

Packing up for the crossing back to the mainland.

Jane Perkins getting Hannah ready for the crossing.

Dark crossing
Kevin and Rado crossing back to the mainland under cloudy skies.
Photo: Judy Blight



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