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Perth Area Launch Site Maps

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Lancelin N9 Download Lancelin GPX Lancelin KML
Yanchep Lagoon N8 Download Yanchep GPX Yanchep KML
Mindarie Marina N7 Download Mindarie GPX Mindarie KML
Ocean Reef Marina N6 Download Ocean Reef GPX Ocean Reef KML
North Wall, Hillarys N5 Download North Wall GPX North Wall KML
Hillarys Boat Harbour N4 Download Hillarys GPX Hillarys KML
Beach Street Groyne, Cottesloe N3 Download Beach Street GPX Beach Street KML
Port Beach, North Fremantle N2 Download Port Beach GPX Port Beach KML
Sandy Beach Reserve, Bassendean N10 Download Sandy Beach GPX Sandy Beach KML
The Esplanade, Peppermint GroveN11DownloadFreshwater GPXFreshwater KML
Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth S13 Download South Perth GPX South Perth KML
Point Walter, West and East, Bicton S12 Download Pt Walter W GPX
Pt Walter E GPX
Pt Walter W KML
Pt Walter E KML
Kent Street Weir, Wilson S4 Download Kent Street GPX Kent Street KML
Deepwater Point, Mount Pleasant S2 Download Deepwater GPX Deepwater KML
Riverton Drive W, RossmoyneS3aDownloadRossmoyne GPXRossmoyne KML
Riverton Bridge, Riverton S3 Download Riverton GPX Riverton KML
John Tonkin Park, East Fremantle S11 Download John Tonkin GPX John Tonkin KML
South Beach, Fremantle S21 Download South Beach GPX South Beach KML
Port Coogee Marina
S28DownloadPort Coogee GPXPort Coogee KML
Woodman Point (4 sites) S22 Download Woodman Rec GPX
Harbour W GPX
Harbour E GPX
Point End GPX
Woodman Rec KML
Harbour W KML
Harbour E KML
Point End KML
Kwinana Wreck S24 Download Kwinana GPX Kwinana KML
Palm Beach, Rockingham S25 Download Palm Beach GPX Palm Beach KML
Garden Island Causeway, Point Peron S26 Download Causeway GPX Causeway KML
North Side, Point PeronS27DownloadPoint Peron GPXPoint Peron KML
South Side, Point Peron S27 Download Point Peron GPX Point Peron KML
Arcadia Drive, Shoalwater Bay S14 Download Arcadia Drive GPX Arcadia Drive KML
Mersey Point, Shoalwater Bay S15 Download Mersey Point GPX Mersey Point KML
Bridport Point, Port Kennedy S16 Download Bridport Point GPX Bridport Point KML
Secret Harbour S17 Download Secret Harbour GPX Secret Harbour KML
Madora Beach S18 Download Madora Beach GPX Madora Beach KML
Lagoon Boat Anchorage, Halls Head S5 Download Lagoon GPX Lagoon KML
Victor Adams Park, Mandurah S5 Download Victor Adams GPX Victor Adams KML
Halls Head Beach, Halls Head
S5DownloadHalls Head Beach GPXHalls Head Beach KML
Mandurah Estuary Bridge, Erskine S6 Download Mandurah Bridge GPX Mandurah Bridge KML
The Chimneys, Erskine S7 Download The Chimneys GPX The Chimneys KML
Serpentine River, Furnissdale S8 Download Furnissdale GPX Furnissdale KML
Murray River, Ravenswood S9 Download Ravenswood GPX Ravenswood KML
Falcon Bay Beach S19 Download Falcon Bay GPX Falcon Bay KML
Bluewater Lagoon, Dawesville Cut S20 Download Bluewater Lagoon GPX Bluewater Lagoon KML
Mandurah Estuary, Dawesville S10 Download Dawesville GPX Dawesville KML

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