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Construct Your Own Paddler's Logbook

The first step is to download the 2 files for printing. The cover page section is here (570KB pdf), and the extra pages section is here (530KB pdf). Each of these is a 2-page A4 file which must be printed as a double-sided page. Print 1 copy of the cover section and 5 or 6 copies of the 'extra pages' section. If your printer has a 'Scale to Fit' setting, use the 'Fill Entire Paper' option.

The finished logbook will be A6 size so you need to fold each of the pages in half twice. Start the first fold for the cover section page as in the picture at right, but make sure it is neatly folded in half.

First fold

Start the second fold as in the picture at right, and neatly fold in half again.

Second fold

Fold the other pages in the same way, then stack them up with the cover page on top.Log stack
Staple the pages together on the left with 2 staples close to the folded edge.Log staple

Slit the folded pages along the top with a sharp knife or letter opener. Or if you have access to a good guillotine, trim a couple of mm off the top.Log cut

The logbook is now ready! The cover page section has a paddler ID page inside the cover, and 6 following pages for trip logs. Each 'extra pages' pages section has 8 pages for trip logs so if you printed off 6 A4 copies of 'extra pages' , your completed logbook will have room for 54 paddle logs.Logbook




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