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trainingIf you are new to sea paddling then you need training to paddle safely and get the most out of the sport. The starting point is Introduction to Sea Skills which is an Australian Canoeing Award. This can be done through any one of our instructors who do this training on a regular basis. You need to have 6 logged paddles and during these paddles you will learn a range of skills from 10 ways to turn your kayak, support strokes, rescue skills and knowlege of weather, risk assessment and sea state etc. Once you have this award you can paddle with the club to build experience and then move on to the Sea Skills Award, which is the internationally moderated course that enables you paddle in more demanding conditions and is recognised internationally. The training paddles for Introduction to Sea Skills are $20.00 for a day on the water. The price is kept down so that it is affordable to all paddlers. Simple training takes you from being the highest risk paddler on the water to the lowest risk paddler and means you can do things you probably did not think possible.

Introduction to Sea Skills

Introduction to Sea Skills is a course that is designed to enable you, under the direction of an Instructor, Guide or Sea Leader, to paddle in 10 to 12 knots of wind, 0.5m breaking waves in sheltered or calm coastal areas. The course is over 6 logged paddles. The course covers the following points.

  • What is AC, Award Scheme Levels and AC clubs.
  • Transporting, lifting and moving your kayak on land.
  • Kayak design and equipment.
  • Capsize drill, assisted rescue and self rescue.
  • Forward stroke, reverse stroke and emergency stop.
  • Introduction to 10 ways to turn your kayak.
  • Introduction to support strokes.
  • Introduction to rolling.
  • Group dynamics.
  • Introduction to weather.
  • Introduction to risk assessment.
  • Introduction to navigation for kayaks.

Participant pre-qualification
  • Participants must be able to swim 50m fully clothed.
  • Participants must have long sleeved rashy, boardys, booties, sunscreen and cag for cold weather. Alternative clothing should be discussed with the instructor prior to the course.
Intoduction to Sea Skills Instructors

The following instructors run Introduction to Sea Skills courses. They charge $20.00 per day on the water with a maximum group size of 6 people.

Paul Cooper at Hillarys
9401 4410

Judy Blight at Rockingham
0438 376 703

Tony Blake at Mandurah
0417 109 096

Matt Gouldthorpe at Albany
0429 067 559

Please ring the instructor for details on dates and meeting points as they may change depending on the weather. It is important to book the date as the number has to be capped at 6 per day.

Sea Skills Award

There is a Sea Skills course every May but these skills take time to achieve so there are regular sea skills training paddles most of the year. This enables you, either before the course or after the course to learn, practice and get confidence in real life conditions.
If you have passed Introduction to Sea Skills and want to develop to the next level, ring the instructor re dates and times. The meeting place is at Rockingham on the Esplanade near Bell St. See the map.

These paddles are run by:

Les Allen in Rockingham
041 9900 715

The Instructors

Les Allen

Les is an Advanced Sea Kayak Instructor. He has many years expierience paddling in a large variety of locations and sea states. He does both Sea Skills and Advanced Sea Skills training.
"Developing skills is not a matter of doing a course. It's a life time pursuit and dancing with your kayak in a running sea is one of the great pleasures that life offers."
Les Allen


Paul Cooper

Paul is a Sea Skills Instructor with many years of club experience. He has paddled in a variety of WA locations and conditions.

"Teaching new people to roll is one of my favorite lessons. It's always pleasing to see students complete a roll, when once they thought they never could."
Paul Cooper
Judy Blight

Judy is a Sea Skills Instructor and has paddled all over the world. She has been the Sea Kayak Club president for 5 years and has been a processional coach in other sports.

"Teaching, particularly new women, to achieve at levels they did not think possible is a wonderful experience for both parties. I love teaching the basics of Greenland Rolling as this is both relaxing and fun."
Judy Blight


Tony Blake

Tony is a Sea Skills Instructor and can do many of the Greenland rolls. He has excellent personal skills and is a capable teacher.

"I like to share my passion of sea kayaking so that others can experience the freedom, exploring, wildlife & traditional heritage. Being an instructor gives me the opportunity to teach the skills needed to enjoy this great sport safely."
Tony Blake
Matt Gouldthorp

Matts our Albany Sea Skills Instructor. Matt will be running Introduction to Sea Skills sessions in the Albany region. Matt has been paddling all types of paddle craft for the last thirty years.
"I am a kayaking enthusiast who loves working on his own kayak skills and developing the skills of others wanting to learn and improve their kayaking skills."
Matt Gouldthorp


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