Can I Use My Kayak on Any River?

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Can I Use My Kayak on Any River?

Kayaking is great fun, but only when you’ve got the right gear. Not all kayaks are equally created, though. So, you should know which type of outdoor recreation you are dreaming about. Follow our tips to find out the answer to the question “Can I use my kayak on any river?

Which types of kayak to use on rivers?

Though there are a lot of styles of kayaks available out there, only a few of which can perform equally impressively in any types of water & weather conditions. Go for one of the options below for an unforgettable outdoor excursion!

Sit On Top Kayaks

Can I Use My Kayak on Any River?

Sit-on-top (SOT) models which are a great alternative to a traditional style craft with a cockpit are the best bet for novices and families with little kids. Since this type of kayak is stable and seamless to paddle, you can get a bit of fun on both seas and rivers.

However, due to several holes going through its outer framework, a SOT kayak is somewhat self-draining. If you do not want to get wet by water splashing up from these holes, make sure to wear a dry suit or wetsuit when paddling a SOT in cold water.

Inflatable Kayaks

Can I Use My Kayak on Any River?

Inflatable kayaks are often specific to sheltered inland waterways including flat waters, lakes, canals, and rivers. As they are engineered to handle even the roughest waters and toughest conditions, you can sit in them without any potential chance of your vessels popping and sinking.

Touring Kayaks

Can I Use My Kayak on Any River?

Efficiently cruising on the water with quick turning power and much more effortless to manoeuver than any longer sea models, touring kayaks are best suited for lakes, canals, calm coastal current, and slow moving rivers.

Plenty of storage available makes touring kayaks an ideal choice for female paddlers wanting to wear a skirt in a cool day or for those having to keep a lot of equipment and stuff dry.

Just remember that any water getting inside your kayak will make it a bit challenging to turn over.

White Water Kayaks

Can I Use My Kayak on Any River?

Much shorter than any SOT and sea kayaks out there, white water kayaks allow for quick and responsive maneuverability without compromising their ability to seamlessly track and outstandingly perform aerial maneuvers, freestyle moves, and playboating tricks.

Since these models are built for high-flow white water rivers, they are a go-to option for professionals who have passed some training courses.

Which type of kayak not to use on rivers?

Sea Kayaks

Can I Use My Kayak on Any River?

Turning difficulty can necessarily be a bigger challenge for beginners planning to use their boats for river expeditions. Though you can grow into kayaking by going with a vessel that is a bit beyond your technique level, use these long boats on an overnight journey around the coast only.


Are you planning to go river kayaking but worried about “Can I use my kayak on any river?” Well, you have arrived at the right place. Our article above will save beginners from predicament they might have when buying a boat for recreational purposes.

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