Is a single or double kayak easier?

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Is a single or double kayak easier?

Those new to kayaking might be wondering: “Is a single or double kayak easier?” Each kayaker might have his/her own preference, but it is necessary to know that both of these options provide you with benefits that can enhance your time spent outdoors. On planning for your adventure, keep these factors into consideration to determine which type of kayak works best for you.

Pros & cons of single kayaks

What we love about single kayaks

Is a single or double kayak easier?

Beginners find it much easier to maneuver a single kayak as it does not take them much time to get familiar with their boat and learn the very first paddling techniques down the river.

Also, those in search of a lighter and more agile vessel which can travel much faster in the water may prefer a single unit.

As a plus, a single kayak allows paddlers of all levels the independence of complete control and movement. You can go whenever you like, wherever you want, and at whatever speed you feel excited about.

Without the need to accommodate anyone, for the same energy cost, you will not only more effortlessly navigate but also paddle much quicker.

What we don’t love about single kayaks

Is a single or double kayak easier?

A single kayak only comes in handy when you want to spend one day out on the water alone. If you want to share unforgettable moments with your partner, you will have to buy another single model or rent a double kayak.

Pros & cons of double kayaks

What we love about double kayaks

Is a single or double kayak easier?

Is a single or double kayak easier? If you are a complete novice, you’d better start out in a double kayak which is more stable than a single model.

Moreover, not only does a tandem kayak allow a guide to teach you the basic techniques of paddling, but it also tends to go slower and is less likely to flip, which is perfect for beginners.

With a double kayak, a solo paddler can keep a good speed for an impressive performance on the water while having a short break whenever he/she gets tired on the paddling trip.

Only when both you and your paddling partner do not weigh over 120 lbs each and you two are perfectly matched with each other in terms of physical strength, body size, and emotion can you enjoy a great time.

On the contrary, if there were any misunderstandings between two paddlers on the same boat, the issue would come out when they have to synchronize their movements.

What we don’t like about double kayaks

Is a single or double kayak easier?

The only minor tradeoff of a double kayak is that since it is only steered in the back, if you sit in the front seat, you might feel as if you are along for the road ride.


Is a single or double kayak easier? The answer depends on your paddling skill level and your partner’s as well. Hope that our article above can help you make a decision on which model to choose for your adventure!

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