What Gear Do You Need for Kayaking?

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What Gear Do You Need for Kayaking?

Paddling on the water is only a fun and exciting adventure to get closer the nature when you know “What gear do you need for kayaking?”

What follows is a few top tips that we have compiled together to help you on your way and experience an unforgettable kayaking adventure.

What gear do you need for kayaking?


What Gear Do You Need for Kayaking?

As whitewater, touring, and sea kayaks are completely different from each other, each activity needs to a model with its own distinct design.

From the long sleek lines of the sea kayak to a shorter and wider play boat, the kayak type chosen varies according to your paddling technique skills as well as the paddling type you want to experience.

Novices often prefer a simple recreational vessel which is not longer than 4.5m and has a large cockpit for a seamless climb in & out. Meanwhile, experienced paddlers want to navigate in any choppy conditions with a sit-in boat.


What Gear Do You Need for Kayaking?

There are various different types of paddle for various different types of kayaking.

The most crucial factor when choosing a paddle is its blade’s shape which determines the interaction between your gear and the water during every single stroke taken. Your favorite paddling style will determine the shape of the blade that is the most suitable for you.

Whitewater paddlers and adventurous and aggressive kayakers take thousands of high-angle strokes every hour. Most of them prefer high-angle paddles which often come with shorter and broader blades for more control in any challenging water & weather conditions.

A low-angle kayak which boasts a longer and narrower blade gives paddlers less fatigue while pulling these blades through the waters. Also, touring kayakers love this type of kayak for several hours relaxingly and consistently paddling n the water.

If you still have no idea which paddle that can go well with your kayak, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals at a local store for their advice!

Life Jacket

What Gear Do You Need for Kayaking?

We often wear a life jacket for swimming and kayaking is really not a difference. Life jackets are somehow even more essential when you go kayaking because of your paddle’s resistance and heavy force in the water.

There is a particular need for life jackets when paddling on cold water or exploring the water world with kids. Though there are a lot of models out there, only the ones with large arm holes and multiple adjustment straps that are specifically made for paddling can be effective in keeping you buoyant at any water point, protecting your bodies from sunshade, and saving you in any scary situations.

Ideally, you should purchase the one that snugly fits without compromising its comfort.

Water Shoes

What Gear Do You Need for Kayaking?

Foot protection is typically necessary for any water sports players including kayakers.

Water shoes, which are meticulously designed with soles for better traction on a slippery or wet surface, can prevent paddlers from any potential risks when entering or exiting their boats.

As a plus, they only use quick-to-dry fabric to make water shoes. It means that your feet will feel comfortable all day long even after you exit the water. Also, this excellent material helps lessen the chance of mold or any other bacteria growth on your footwear.


Whether you are a beginner or you have pretty much experience paddling, while being on the water, you should wear helmets which can save your head from being bashed by others’ as well as your own gear and even from your vessel once you capsize.

Wetsuit/ Dry Top

What Gear Do You Need for Kayaking?

To enjoy time spent outdoors to its fullest, you should choose which kayaking clothing to wear based on the weather conditions. Get away with a T-shirt and shorts for a long scorching hot day kayaking on flat water.

On the contrary, wear a completely watertight dry suit or wetsuit on a cold day. Though the former is more comfortable and versatile as it allows you to wear other usual winter clothes underneath, it is not budget-friendly. So, wetsuits are more popular with beginner kayakers.


Now you have finished our article on “what gear do you need for kayaking?” it’s high time to load up your vessel, grab your team, and hit the waters!

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